"Welcome to Eldorado Canyon Kids Camp, where adventure meets education in the heart of Colorado's pristine wilderness! Immerse your child in an enriching outdoor classroom, carefully designed to awaken their senses and foster a deep connection with nature. Our camp, nestled amidst private lands, Eldorado Canyon State Park, and just moments away from the historic Eldorado Springs swimming pool, offers an unparalleled experience for young explorers. Here, we blend learning and play seamlessly, encouraging children to observe, discover, and grow within the embrace of the natural world. Prepare your child for a journey of endless curiosity, boundless fun, and meaningful learning. Join us, and let the adventure begin!"

Where we are

Eldorado Canyon State Park

Where nature weaves a tapestry of enchantment in the heart of Colorado! Nestled between towering red sandstone cliffs, this whimsical haven invites you to dance with the shimmering waters of South Boulder Creek and traverse trails that whisper tales of centuries gone by. Picture a playground for adventurers, where the echoes of the wind and the rustle of leaves compose a symphony of serenity.


Who We Are

A Place We Call Home

Born and raised amidst the beauty that defines our camp, our camps vision brings a touch of authenticity that transforms each moment into a magical adventure for our young explorers.


the Camp

Calendar and Events

Explore the upcoming events and activities at Eldorado Canyon Kids Camp. From informative workshops to outdoor adventures, our calendar has something for every young explorer. Get a glimpse of what's ahead – check out our calendar and plan your child's next enriching experience.



"Sending our child to Eldorado Canyon Kids Camp was an absolute game-changer. As parents, seeing the newfound sense of wonder and appreciation for nature in our child was priceless. The hands-on experiences, small group settings, and expert guidance left us confident that our child was not just having fun but truly learning and growing. Eldorado Canyon Kids Camp exceeded our expectations, and we can't wait for our child to return for another adventure-filled summer!"

- ECKC Parent

"As a parent, finding a camp that strikes the right balance between fun and education is no easy task. Eldorado Canyon Kids Camp nailed it! The small group setting allowed our child to form meaningful connections, while the diverse range of activities kept them engaged and excited. The camp's focus on sensory learning and Brandon's genuine commitment to fostering a love for the outdoors made this experience exceptional. We highly recommend Eldorado Canyon Kids Camp to any parent looking for a transformative and enriching summer for their child."

-ECKC Parent

"Eldorado Canyon Kids Camp provided an unparalleled experience for our child. Brandon Larson's passion for nature and outdoor education shone through every aspect of the camp. Our child came back not only with a collection of amazing memories but also with a deeper understanding of the environment and a sense of responsibility towards it. The blend of adventure, education, and a touch of local expertise made this camp an outstanding choice for our family."

- ECKC Parent